A Fine Start

So the dress patterns out of the wardrobe and the pattern is cut out - New Look pattern 6675.  I have decided to make dress pattern D with straps and a halter neck.

This is a little of a challenge as I have never followed a pre printed pattern before.

Before cutting out I measured myself and compared my measurements to those on the pattern.  It would appear that although I wear clothes 12-14, New Look patterns say I am between a 16 & 18.  I have cut all pattern out in an 18 and will fit when I pin.

Next up is cutting fabric to pattern but I ran out of time for this as its dancing for me on a Sunday night …….

New Beginnings

The time has come for a new year/new start again.  Extra effort and practice into dancing and some more time sewing ( I may even get chance to start my 50s dress pattern that has been sat in the back of the wardrobe since last year.

Its been a years of serious ups and downs, this year seriously needs to be more ups than downs in life and love.

Although saying that I need to put more practice into my dancing, tonight’s ballroom class is cancelled due to the majority of people being ill so no quickstepping for me tonight.

Onwards and upwards and more posts when I have interesting things to write x